The Ultimate Guide to Booking Your Newborn Photographer in Edinburgh & Fife

A Guide to Booking Your Fife & Edinburgh Newborn Photographer

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is just the most exciting and life changing time. This is something that you might have dreamt of for months and years now. It’s certainly a time that should be documented for you to look back on in years to come so booking a newborn photographer is a great idea! When people say that the early weeks and months of having a newborn baby go fast, they’re not lying!

There are a few things to consider when booking a newborn photographer so I thought it would be helpful to put a little guide together.

When To Book Your Newborn Photoshoot…

Many photographers get booked up a few months ahead. My sessions can fill up months in advance so getting your session booked soon after your 12 week scan is definitely advisable. Saying that babies don’t always arrive on time so sometimes spaces do open up in the diary every now and then so it’s always worth getting in touch even if you think it’s too late to get a session booked in.

What Age Is Best To Have A Baby Photoshoot?

This one varies! Depending on the style of newborn photography you’re looking for will depend on the best age for having your baby pictures taken. For more traditional newborn photoshoots, where intricate poses rely on baby being fast asleep and still very flexible and uncurled after birth, photographers ask that you visit them within the first couple of weeks.

My style of baby photography is natural and baby-led, meaning that baby is only placed in positions they naturally fall into when they are placed down or very gently posed if they are happy to be.

I also don’t use props or any kind of decorative items. I use simple, neutral toned blankets only, creating a simple, minimalist and organic feel.

Posed newborn photography is beautiful and requires a lot of skill, but it’s just not my taste and my clients who visit me are often looking for something different to this more traditional approach. My clients seek out a more natural, simple feel to their newborn baby images and often that’s why they book with me.

I will capture babies at any age, really, but if you can make it in when your baby is about 10 days old this is perfect. Don’t worry if you think you’ve missed the boat though. I will always offer a shoot when I have availability for a baby any age up to 9 months.

Some of the most gorgeous sessions I’ve document are with babies 3-4 months old. You capture their gummy smiles and emerging personality. I also adore images where baby is focusing on the camera and you get the most beautiful eye contact!

What To Do With Your Final Baby Pictures

I know all too well how easy it is to let beautiful memories get forgotten about on your hard drive, forever intending to print and frame them or create a family album to flick through over the years.

After having children these things easily slip to bottom of the to-do list as life gets busy!

It’s a good idea to have a sense of what you want to do with your pictures before going into your session. Do you like large frames with one picture or a small collection together? Do you like having a beautiful box on display that contain prints you can reach for and show friends and family when they come to visit? Do you love the feeling of a hand-bound solid family album that sits on your bookcase that you ponder over with a cup of tea? Do you like small frames filled with prints dotted about the house? Having your pictures taken is only the start of the journey!

I can guarantee you’re not investing in a newborn baby photo session to occasionally open up your laptop or PC and browse your pictures.

When choosing your photographer is good to check out what level of service they provide and if this suits you? Many offer a simple on-line gallery for you to download from and some provide a fuller service which includes providing print products and support with creating family keepsakes with your images.

I know as a busy mum of two how easy it is to not get around to printing and displaying pictures. I’m still guilty of this believe me and my children are 8 and 5!

That’s why I know the true value of offering a full service, from carrying out your photo session, to help choosing the right package to suit your needs, to illustrating all the amazing things you can do with your images to personally dropping your frames, albums and prints to your door.

All this from an hours visit to the studio 2 weeks after your photo session!

Which Newborn Photographer Should I Book With?

This is a very personal choice!

I would say it’s a summary of all of the above, which style of photography appeals to you and makes your heart sing.

There are so many amazing photographers out there, it’s about finding which one is the best match for you stylistically and which type of service you’re looking for. Another important factor is finding a photographer that you connect with and trust.

If you don’t feel confident and comfortable with the person who’s taking your family pictures, this will show.

Venturing out with a new baby can be an anxious time, you need someone who will put you at ease and makes the experience a relaxing one so that your images feel this way in the end. It’s a good idea to have a good browse of the photographer’s reviews!

My Google reviews can be found here which will give you a sense of how previous clients have enjoyed their experience with me.

Good Luck!

If you’re interested in a newborn session with me I’d love to hear from you! Have a little browse at my studio baby sessions or my in-home sessions, to see which suits you best. I also offer intimate and creative maternity sessions.

If you’d like a chat over the phone or video call, just let me know!

I hope this guide has been helpful for you.

Whoever you go with for your newborn session, best of luck with your little one’s arrival.

You’re about to start on the most amazing journey of your life!

Rachel X