Baby name inspiration! Some baby name ideas from a Scottish newborn photographer.

Baby name inspiration! Some baby name ideas from a Scottish newborn photographer.

Choosing a name for your baby (or babies!) is such an exciting part of the 9 month journey into parenthood. For months you dream about whether they'll be a boy or girl, what they will look like, who will they resemble. You also spend hours, dreaming up names.

It can feel like quite a responsibility too though, choosing something that your new little person will carry throughout their whole lives! When choosing your baby's name, there are so many things to think about; how this name will sound when they're older, how popular (or not) it is, how the name sounds when you consider the whole name, any nicknames that might arise from the name and also the initials the whole name creates.

As a newborn photographer I meet a lot of babies!

My children are called Samuel and Evie. Recently in the studio I was so delighted to have my first baby Samuel come and visit for his newborn photoshoot, even more special was that I had photographed his beautiful parents during their maternity photoshoot!

So far I haven't photographed a baby with my daughter's name which is surprising as Evie is quite a popular name at the moment although I have met babies with the names Eva and Ava which are both beautiful.

To help you along the way and provide some inspiration for you, I've collated the top 10 boys and girls names in 2022 here is Scotland as well as some names I've come across in my newborn photography studio. I photographed about two-thirds of the most popular names last year!

In my job as a newborn photographer, I obviously meet many more newborns than the average person, so I've come across a huge variety of names. I've had so many beautiful families along the way and I can honestly say hand on heart that I haven't come across a name that I've not liked so far.

Top 10 baby names in Scotland in 2022

Boys names

Girls names










10. Alexander











Some baby name inspiration from a newborn photographer

I feel so lucky that my job involves getting to meet lots of lovely couples who are eagerly awaiting their beautiful new baby or are in that hazy new baby bubble! I often ask expectant parents 'sooooo have you thought of any names so far?'

Sometimes they've chosen already, sometimes they're totally at a loss as to what to call their little one. I adore these chats, it takes me back to the excitement and anticipation of expecting my two now school age babies. In some ways it feels like yesterday, in other ways it feels like a lifetime ago!

To help inspire you if you're currently thinking about what to call your new baby, here are some names from my time as a newborn photographer of some of the names I've come across...











Good luck!

So there you have it! The top 10 girls and boys names in Scotland for 2022 and some gorgeous inspiration from the babies who have visited me in the studio over the years.

I hope these names and tips above have helped in the exciting task of naming the new life that will be here soon.

If you're thinking about having a newborn photoshoot, have a look at my 'Guide to booking your Newborn Photoshoot' Here!

All the best for their arrival, enjoy those tiny baby cuddles!

Rachel xx

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