3 Things to Think About When Booking a Newborn Photographer Near You

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What to Look For When Booking a Newborn Photographer Near You

Finding the right match for you…

Looking for a professional newborn photographer near you?

Finding a professional newborn photographer to capture this special moment can be overwhelming. With so many photographers available, each with their own style and offerings, it is important to do your research before booking a session.

My latest blog post will provide you with a few tips and resources to help you find the perfect newborn photographer near you.


Check out the Photographer’s Portfolio

It is essential to have a really good look at the photographer’s portfolio prior to booking a session with them. You’re investing quite a lot in your photoshoot and will be looking back on your images for years to come, so the photographer’s images should really makes your heart sing!

If you experience an emotional connection and feel moved by the images you see on the photographer’s website and social media, they’re probably a good match for you!


Find Out What Packages Are Offered by Each Photographer.

When searching for a newborn photographer, it is important to consider what packages they offer. Most photographers offer a variety of packages for you to choose from which will meet the needs of a variety of customers. Are you looking for digitals only? Would you love some professional prints? Are you looking to invest in fine art and larger pieces of wall art?

Not every photographer offers a full service and will only offer an online gallery of digitals whereas others offer a fuller service, ending in fine art to take home, admire and hand on your walls. Decide which you’re looking for an factor this into your decision.


Look at the photographer’s reviews and get recommendations from friends and family

Talking to friends and family about their experiences with newborn photographers is a great way to get a better feel for who to trust when it comes to capturing such an important moment in your baby’s life. Ask if they have any recommendations or experiences with the photographer they used. This can help you get first hand accounts of how comfortable people felt working with certain photographers.

It’s also really important to check out the photographer’s Google reviews. Have they photographed newborns for a few years? Do their past clients leave positive reviews? Having a good relationship with your photographer is key – after all, you are trusting them to capture this special moment so make sure it is someone you feel comfortable with!

Have a beautiful newborn photoshoot!

This chapter deserves to be captured in the most beautiful way…

Finding a newborn photographer can be tricky! You only have a newborn for such as short time so finding the right person to document your newborn in the way that you want to remember them is so important.

I hope you’ve found these simple tips helpful in guiding your decision making.

If you think I might be the right photographer to capture the most precious chapter in your lives, I’d love to hear from you!

Just get in touch about my availability and which type of session might suit your best…

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