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As a Dunfermline photographer I want to offer families the choice of having their session at my lovely photography studio at the Fire Station Creative al Dunfermline or in their own home. I started my professional photography career only offering at-home sessions so they will always have a special place in my heart. I honestly couldn't choose which I love best, studio or at-home sessions!

At-home photoshoots are amazing for when there are older siblings who are still quite young. Newborn sessions can take a few hours depending on how baby is on the day and it's a lot to ask a toddler to be on their best behaviour in a strange place when they've just had a new arrival in the family.

When the session takes place at home, toddlers can just come and go as they please, playing with their own toys with access to a supply of families snacks!

No need to worry about getting everyone out the door at a certain time.

All you need to do is get everyone ready for me to rock up with my camera and we'll capture soulful and creative pictures of your family like the session you'll see here!

Being invited back...

It's like returning to see old friends

This session was very special! I photographed big brother when he was a tiny newborn too! Being invited back by families is beyond special and getting t document families as they grow is the biggest honour. As a photographer it really is the biggest compliment!

I adore catching up with the tiny baby you photographed who is now a bouncy toddler adjusting to the arrival of their new little brother or sister is just lovely. It's just lovely chatting to families about how their time has been since you last met and hearing about the little person that their tiny newborn has grown into.

The family featured here don't live too far from the studio in Dunfermline but opted for an at-home session the same as their first session with me. When I did their first session I didn't have my studio, I only offered at-home sessions so it was lovely to visit them again in their own space and reminisce about when big brother was the newborn of the session.

During the session big brother was free to roam about bringing me toys and snacking away from his own snacks from the cupboard. Unfortunately his new baby brother was struggling a bit with reflux which is so hard for bubs and parents. Being at home however helped to ease the anxiety that comes with a little one who is struggling to settle as you have everything you need to hand and you're in the comfort of your own surroundings.

This session was just so special, it really was like visiting old friends along the road...

Let's capture magical memories together...

If you're interested in an at-home session, I'd love to hear from you!

As a Dunfermline photographer I cover the whole of Fife but also regularly visit families in Edinburgh for at-home newborn sessions as well as Falkirk, Stirling, Clackmannanshire and Kirkcaldy. Travel up to about 45 minutes from Dunfermline is included in your session fee.

If you're wondering about a session with me, just get in touch using my contact form and you can secure your due date in my diary! I can book a few months in advance so it's always good to get in touch as soon after your first scan to ensure I have availability.

Let's make beautiful images full of love and connection!

Rachel x

Wondering about a session with me? Check out the sessions I offer below...

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