Hi I’m Rachel. Loving wife, mum to two not-so-little babies, owner of one crazy labradoodle. And a maternity and newborn photographer in Edinburgh & Fife

When I’m not behind the lens, my life’s pretty much taken up with food and family! I love to cook and going out for dinner even more! I enjoy my rare evenings of peace spent cooking, spatula in one hand and glass of wine in the other (it has to be New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc though, I’m very fussy with my wine!) 

But for the most part, my life outside photography is filled with my husband Brian, our two little people, and our lovably crazy labradoodle. Our children are 7 and 10 now, so we’re really making the most of their childhood while we still can! Going on adventures together with the dog, taking them to all our favourite restaurants, going to play areas. Brian and I love travelling, and we’re on a mission to show the kids as much of the world as we can before they’re too cool to go on holiday with their parents!

I honestly can’t imagine life without my family. They are the biggest blessing, and the greatest adventure I could ever have wished for in life. And I love that I get to join families right at the very beginning of their adventure. To capture the very first chapter in what will be the defining story of their lives.

Why maternity and newborn photography is so special to me

As a mum of two school-age children, I often look back and wonder where all the time has gone. That bittersweet feeling of being so incredibly proud of who they’re growing up to be, and so desperate for them to stop growing up! I often wish I could freeze time and keep them just as they are. Just for a little while, at least.

And that’s why I want our session to be as much about the experience as it is the photos. Because as parents, we’re often so excited for the future that we forget to appreciate the present. When we’re pregnant, we can’t wait for the birth. Through the midnight feeds, we long for them to sleep through the night. Then it’s crawling, walking, talking.

But as time marches on, one-by-one things will happen for the last time, and there’ll be times you ache for the past.

So I want our time together to be a chance for you to take a breath and appreciate everything that’s happening right now. Precious time set aside for you to forget about the future for a while and focus on the present. To clear your mind of all the things that will be, and take some time to cherish what is.

And all the while I’ll be there with my camera, creating beautiful compositions and soulful frames that capture this wonderful chapter in your life, kept safe for the future, for any time you might ache for the past.

Rachel x

Newborn photographer Edinburgh & Fife

Let me love you a little bit more, before you are not little anymore…