3 Reasons to Have a Maternity Photoshoot

3 Reasons Why You Should Get Maternity Photos Taken! | Maternity Photography Edinburgh & Fife

Congratulations, you are expecting a little one and are counting the days till they arrive! Your journey as a mother has begun, one that promises joy and excitement (and a few sleepless nights!)

As your body changes, your bump blossoms and your baby grows, this magical milestone is one to capture and remember forever.

A maternity photoshoot is a perfect way to celebrate this precious yet fleeting time in your and your baby’s life.

If you’re wondering about a maternity photoshoot, here are my 3 reasons why you should definitely go for it and why you will not regret it…

To Celebrate You And Your Amazing Body!

You are growing another life! How incredible is that? Have you stopped to think how amazing your body is?

Photographing mamas-to-be at this stage in pregnancy is such a joyous and emotional time for everyone! It is a celebration of the miraculous power and beauty of pregnancy, and the wonder and excitement of this phase.

Each time I have a maternity photo shoot, I am in awe that a tiny person is inside their mum’s beautiful bump. When they return for their newborn photo session it is hard to believe this little one in front of me was once in there!

It is wonderful to be able to experience these stages of life with my maternity clients and I love to be able to share in this time with them, it’s such a privilege!

Your body is growing in a way you never dreamt possible, honestly you will be glad you took the time to celebrate and treasure it.

You’ll Miss Your Bump And Will Love Reflecting On This Time!

Do you remember that first kick? Or lying in bed trying to get comfortable with a maternity pillow and your bump?

When I was pregnant, I would lie in bed rubbing and stroking my stomach and feeling that connection. Your baby bump is a bond between you and your unborn little one and so it is important to photograph this special time.

It may seem like you are pregnant FOREVER! There will be days when you feel uncomfortable and want your baby to appear, days when you cannot bend down or stand up, but it will go by in a flash. Trust me when your bump has gone you will miss it! I know I did, it took a long time for me to stop rubbing and stroking my bump after my son was born, I felt quite emotional about it and felt a strange sense of loss, even though I had my beautiful baby in my arms…

It Will Be A Beautiful Keepsake For Your Children

Once your baby is born, time goes by so fast as they grow into each new stage. Imagine how wonderful it is to sit with them in later years and show them timeless photos of when they were in your tummy! Together you can look back on this moment and cherish it.

My children are 8 and 5 now and as they get older their curiosity about the birds and bees is growing. Questions about what it was like to have a baby in my tummy come often and I so wish I had better photos to show them, photos that show our bond from this early stage. My best picture I have is of me on the beach, with a dog lead clipped around my bump (my bump came is handy sometimes!) with my walking gear on. I didn’t have a maternity shoot and so regret it now.

Think of everything in your life you document with a camera. From birthdays and holidays to days out and nights in, you hold memories with the click of a button. Maternity photo shoots forever capture this, your most precious of times, a celebration of love, life and connection.

father looking down at pregnant lady's baby bump

Feeling A Bit Unsure And Self Conscious About A Maternity Photoshoot?

You may feel self-conscious of your changing body and nervous about being photographed, many mums-to-be do. Every mum-to-be that comes for a session with me says that it’s not something they’ve ever done before and their nervous so don’t worry, you’re not the first to feel this way! Each and every one of those mamas walks out of the studio having felt at ease and surprised at how much they actually really enjoyed the session! Hear what a recent maternity session client had to say about her session below…

If you’re wondering about a maternity photoshoot and looking for natural, creative and meaningful images of your pregnancy, I would love to hear from you!

Rachel X