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Missed Your Chance To Have A Newborn Photoshoot?

As a newborn photographer, I’m often contacted by panicked parents, worried they’ve missed their chance to have a professional photoshoot with their baby. 

And believe it or not, it happens all the time. Because the first few months of your beautiful new baby’s life are hectic and non-stop, aren’t they? And with everything going on, by the time you’ve remembered you wanted to book a photoshoot, your baby’s already four months old. Or six. Or nine! 

Well, Don’t Worry. It’s Never Too Late

You may have missed the chance to have a newborn photo session. But having a professional shoot with your baby is one of the best investments you could make. Because they’re changing every day, and the way they are now will be lost forever tomorrow. And from the toothless smiles to the chubby thighs, there are countless things you’ll never want to forget.

And not to mention, there are actually a lot of advantages to having a photoshoot with a slightly older baby. Because while they don’t have the same delicate, fragile beauty of a newborn baby, their playful, loveable, cheeky personalities have started to shine through.

So here’s five reasons why you’ll love having a photoshoot with an older baby. 

1. Their Developing Personality Shines Through

After around three months, your baby will start reacting and interacting with the world around them. And little glimpses of the person they’ll become will shine through in photos. 

And this is one of the best things about having a photoshoot with an older baby, because your photos will capture flashes of their personality in the first days of them becoming who they are. The cheeky smiles, the laughter, the sheer pleasure of discovering the world around them. They’ll all be things that when you look back in years to come, you’ll recognise in the child you’ve come to know. 

And you’ll be so glad you captured them when you had the chance.

2. Chubby Rolls

Ah the chubby rolls! This has got to be one of the cutest things about babies, hasn’t it?! 

Infant chub peaks between four to nine months, so book your photoshoot anytime around then and you'll be sure to get some lovely chubby cheeks, baker’s dozen legs and plenty of super-cuddly podge!

But as they start walking, and become more physically independent, this will turn into muscle and those adorable little rolls will be gone forever. So be sure to capture them before they go!

3. Gummy Smiles

It’s tricky to know when your baby will start growing teeth. It can be anywhere between four months and a year. And so this gives you quite a small window between social smiling and having at least a couple of front teeth. But if we can catch that window! Oh those gummy smiles! 

And even if your baby already has a couple of front teeth, those tiny pegs in their little mouth still look incredibly cute in photos. 

4. Super Cuddly Sessions 

Once your baby starts to become more active, and learns to confidently crawl around, they’ll want to explore as much as they can, whenever they can! And that’s why three-nine month baby photo sessions are always so lovely. Because they’re just so super cuddly, and they’re still quite happy to be held!

And from a family photographer’s point of view, it means we’ll have more opportunities to capture you as a family. Those moments of closeness, or love, of connection. Because after all, it’s so important not just to capture your baby in this amazing chapter in your lives, but to capture you together as a family.

5. You're More Confident Parents

In general, you’re better prepared for a photoshoot at six months than you are at six weeks. And it makes the whole experience much more relaxing and enjoyable for everyone (including your baby).

Let’s face it, leaving the house with a baby is never straight-forward. But after a few months of parenthood, it’s infinitely easier, and so much less stressful! You’ve also got into a groove with their routine, meaning you can plan naps and feeding around the time of your session to make sure they’re in a good mood (hopefully!)

And not only that, you’re a more confident parent overall. You know how to hold them, how to carry them, and they’re nowhere near as fragile. You know how to comfort them, how to make them laugh, what they like, what they don’t like, and hundreds of little tricks to get them to laugh and smile for the camera (but don’t worry if you don’t. I’m something of a baby whisperer!)

Why Should You Book A Older Baby Photoshoot?

Having a photoshoot to capture every beautiful contour of your beautiful baby is something you’ll be forever grateful you did. Those little details, the creases in their face as they smile, the twinkle in their eyes, they can all change overnight. And capturing them forever with a professional photoshoot is an invaluable investment.

Every baby is different, and that’s why I adapt my sessions to suit each baby’s nature and needs. So that you will always come away with photos you love, that perfectly reflect your wonderful wee baby in this fleeting and priceless time in their lives. 

I endeavour to make my sessions as relaxed as possible, focusing solely on the love and connection between you and your beautiful baby.

In my little haven of a studio in Fife there’ll be no forced poses, or fussy props. Just earthy, creamy tones and a wonderful experience with you and your baby, giving you photos you will forever cherish.

If you’re looking for a family photographer in Fife, Edinburgh or any of the surrounding areas and would like to book yourself in for a baby photoshoot, I’d love to hear from you.

I do get booked up months in advance by families from all over Scotland. But I can sometimes have last minute availability, so it’s always worth asking!

Please get in touch today to check my availability!

Rachel X

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