Photoshoots of Newborns – tips for how to capture beautiful pictures of your baby

Of all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you…

Capturing beautiful moments of your newborn baby!

You did it! You created a whole new life. How awe-inspiring! The first few weeks of your baby’s life truly deserves documenting! Their little hands and toes, all their tiny-ness and wee details that you want to remember.

The newborn phase is so precious and fleeting, so taking plenty of photos of your baby can be a special way to capture the memories before they grow up. With just a few steps, you can take beautiful newborn photos that will last a lifetime.

I’ve lost count of the number of photoshoots of newborns I’ve done now! Each one is so unique and each time I capture something different. About half of my sessions are done in client’s homes with different lighting and sets ups in each, I’ve shot in huge spaces and tiny little spaces!

If you’re thinking about capturing some newborn photos of your own little one, here are a few tips to think about to get the best shots you can…

mother with her face close to baby who is being held by father during newborn photoshoot in fife


Create a comfortable environment for your newborn

Taking newborn photos can be difficult, they don’t really take instruction! To ensure a successful photoshoot, create a comfortable environment that the baby feels safe and relaxed in. Make sure the temperature is just right, especially if they are wearing less than they might be used to. A cold baby is an unsettled baby!


Do the session early in the day or after nap time when your baby is likely to be relaxed and alert

Baby’s natural rhythm is to be most active in the early morning and late afternoon, so plan your session accordingly. However, make sure your baby has had enough rest prior to the shoot and try not to wake them up for it. You will likely find that their wake-over-sleep cycle has them energized right at nap time too, so aim to capture your newborn photos in this window.

mother and newborn baby sleeping together on a blanket on a bed during at at-home newborn photoshoot in Fife


Use natural light

Natural light is your friend when taking newborn photos. Try to capture most of the images in natural light and use sheer curtains as a diffuser if needed, to avoid harsh sun and create lovely soft light. You can also position your baby near a window or open door, allowing the light to fill their room and create beautiful shadows on their little faces.

Good luck!

I hope you have found these simple tips helpful! You’ll never regret taking pictures of your new baby, this time passes in the blink of an eye! My oldest ‘baby’ is turning 10 this year, I just can’t believe it!

That old saying ‘the days are long but the years are short’ could not be more true!

If you’re thinking about a professional newborn photoshoot and are looking for natural, soulful images, get in touch!

Let’s make magical memories of the most important chapter in your life!