Are you stuggling with a very unsettled baby at the moment? wondering about refulx? this might help...

As a newborn photographer I meet lots of new families in the early weeks of adjusting to parenthood. Recently I've met a few families who are struggling with a very unsettled baby and have been questioning whether their little one has reflux. This is such a distressing and exhausting situation for families. I just wanted to give the families a big hug and help them get some rest.

When I stumbled across Iona at The Reflux Room, I knew I had to get in touch to ask if she could do a guest blog post which might help those families and any others who might be struggling at the moment. If you'd like to know a little more about reflux and what you can do to help your little one, this is for you!

Introducing iona at the reflux room

4. How can parents access more support if their baby is struggling with reflux?

1.  Hi! please Introduce yourself and what you do at The Reflux Room

Your first line would be your health visitor or GP. Taking a look at the prescribing guidelines for reflux is helpful as there is a process which is followed, so you know what to expect. Obviously I work in a different way to the medical profession, alongside rather than against. I will always be happy to speak to parents or they can check out my pages which have a lot of information to read and digest. Often small changes can reduce or resolve reflux for babies, rather than needing medication which is unfortunately all the medics can offer. Starting when baby is younger makes the whole process a bit less complex but I can work with toddlers too.

My instagram is @therefluxroom or

Hi, I am Iona and am the founder of the reflux room. I am 37, live in Edinburgh and have two children called Ruaridh and Aila. I started the reflux room after Aila suffered terrible reflux and was such an unsettled baby. We struggled terribly for sleep, couldn't put her down and I felt under supported and judged. What i do now is holistically look at babies from pregnancy, birht and onwards and use this plus their symptoms to assess what is causing their reflux. I then provide strategies to address the causes and support families in implementing them. I am trained in reflux, colic and allergies and believe that the whole of baby's life to date can influence what is happening for them now in terms of behaviours.  After months of medical intervention, this was the only thing that helped my daughter in the end, so I really believe it and know it works!

5. Anything else that parents might find helpful in relation to reflux?

2. What are the main signs and symptoms of reflux?

It isnt "normal", it is "common" and there is a big difference. Once you get your head around that, i think trusting your instincts moving forward will always do you well.

There are lots of signs of reflux, over 80 which combine in different patterns depending on the causes. Some are more obvious like vomiting frequently and rashes whilst things like clear liquid pouring from the mouth, swallowing constantly and hiccups are less well known and difficult to spot sometimes. Some of these signs are normal to a point, but not all the time and some are very subtle. I found it hard to notice many in my own baby, but someone looking from the outside can see a lot more. That's why I like working with families and taking that external approach to help them spot what is happening.

6. Any top tips for parents generally navigating those first few weeks of parenthood?

Oh the first few weeks are the hardest aren't they? I would say, don't try and do much other than look after your baby. If they need fed every 3 hours then do that and nothing else. It's ok. Have some handy one handed snacks at the ready and drink a pint of water per feed if breastfeeding. I once became dehydrated when feeding and was very unwell as a result!!!!

3. What tips would you have for a parent who thinks their baby might have reflux?

Always trust your gut if you think something isn't right. You won't always get an official "diagnosis" but its still worth investigating the causes of baby's unsettled behaviour. Other than that, get outside when you can and use skin to skin to calm baby. It isn't just for after the birth. Your mental health can be hugely affected by having an unsettled baby and getting fresh air can help you and baby and help you feel a bit more normal than being stuck inside.

Trust your mama instincts and know who can help

I hope you've found this blog post useful, whether you're currently struggling with an unsettled little one or reading as an expectant mother. Knowing the signs to look out for, trusting your gut feeling and knowing who to contact for help is crucial in being able to help your little one (and you!) feel better.

Being a new parent can feel lonely at times and dealing with extended periods of crying and baby being unsettled can be really tough, especially if others don't seem to be experiencing the same. Having a chat with someone who has been there and knows what this is like can be the key to making things feel more hopeful. If you'd like to get in touch with Iona, get in touch using the details below.

And remember Mama, you've got this!

Rachel x

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