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Bump to Baby Photography

Documenting Your Pregnancy And Newborn In A Creative & Artistic Way!

Tell The Tale Of Your Little One’s Journey Into The World

With a maternity session and a newborn session in my haven of a photography studio in Fife, together we’ll capture both chapters of the story. And after your sessions, you’ll have a collection of priceless photographs that tell the tale of your baby’s journey into the world.

 What I love about being a newborn and maternity photographer is that I have the privilege of meeting you at some of the most amazing, magical moments in your life.

 Whether it’s a maternity session and we’re capturing you on the cusp of motherhood, with your beautiful bump, and your amazing body as it creates a unique new life inside you. Or a newborn session in the first few weeks of your new life together as a family. When you suddenly have this fragile, beautiful wee baby in your arms, who you couldn’t ever have imagined loving so much.

From maternity to birth and beyond, it truly is a miracle. And I’m so blessed to be a part of it.

The Wonderful ‘Before And After’ Of The Bump To Baby Photoshoot

 From a purely selfish perspective, I love doing both the maternity sessions and newborn sessions for a family. Meeting the expectant mother shortly before the birth, her eyes brimming with excitement and possibility, her beautiful bump proudly on show. And then meeting her again a few months later, the bump now a precious little bairn in her arms. It’s amazing, and my heart always skips a beat.

 And from your perspective, it’s also a wonderful way to celebrate this incredible event. Returning to the same studio, knowing that the last time you were here, your child was still growing inside you. It’s very common for new mothers to get emotional when they return here for their newborn shoot, because it brings back so many memories. It’s wonderful.

 And of course, from a photography perspective, it gives us the opportunities to do ‘before and after’ shots. Gorgeous little moments that remind us of the miracle of life, and how utterly awe-inspiring it all is.

Why You Should Have The Same Photographer For Both Sessions

 Here’s the thing. Every family photographer in Edinburgh and Fife will have a different style. Not necessarily better, or worse, just different. My photography style is artistic and earthy, with a strong focus on connection, and the beautiful authenticity of the moment. And my work will look different to any other photographer’s. Different edits, different composition, even a different ‘feel’ to the shots.

 And that’s why, for aesthetically-conscious families, I’d always recommend using the same photographer for both the maternity session and the newborn session.

 Because from a styling perspective, it allows you to display photographs from both sessions next to each other without them looking aesthetically ‘at odds’. The editing style, the composition, the look of the shots, they’ll all come together to form one cohesive display. Not like two different chapters of the same story written by two different authors. But a seamless, beautiful transition from one life to two.

Set Aside Some Time To Enjoy The Moment 

The months before and after the birth of your baby are always such a blur. Between the worries and the excitement, the sheer exhaustion of pregnancy, building your nest, packing and repacking your hospital bag. And then coming home with your baby in your arms! The overwhelming love, the nappies, the sleepless nights, the round-the-clock feeding, the countless glorious cuddles. It’s three or four months of amazing, exhausting madness!

 And that’s another reason why the Bump to Baby package is such a wonderful treat to book for yourself. Because it gives you little oases of calm amongst the hubbub, periods of peace you can look forward to on either side of the birth. Just a few hours away from it all in my tranquil studio in Fife.

 Time to take a breather and appreciate everything that’s happening, and enjoy these two amazing chapters in your life. To have some ‘you’ time when you can relax and just enjoy being pregnant. And then to spend some rare and invaluable time simply connecting with your baby, and coming together as a family.

Would You Like For Me To Document Your Journey?

 My sessions aren’t about forced poses and fake smiles, cliched props or fussy outfits. Just earthy and creamy toned blankets to compliment your baby, and time set aside to focus on moments of real connection and love. Giving you photos that will always take you back to the feeling you had when you had a life growing inside you, and that incomparable glow of holding your new baby in your arms.

If you’re looking for a family photographer in Fife, Edinburgh or any of the surrounding areas and would like to book yourself in for a Bump to Baby package, I’d love to hear from you.

I do get booked up months in advance by families from all over Scotland. But I can sometimes have last minute availability, so it’s always worth asking! Please get in touch today to check my availability.

 And if I don’t hear from you, congratulations on your pregnancy, all the best for your little one’s arrival!

Rachel X