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Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful baby! I'm so excited to visit you at home soon.

As well as feeling excited I know that you'll also be feeling nervous and apprehensive. Will my baby sleep? Will my baby cry the whole time? If you're anything like I was as a new mother, you'll probably be feeling self-conscious about your role of being a new mum, worrying if people think you're doing a good job! Please rest assured, you are in very understanding and empathetic hands!

I know that you'll have a lot to think about as you prepare for your session so here are some simple, practical tips for helping your session get off to a good start.

Well done on bringing your new tiny human into the world! You are amazing. I hope you are enjoying all those wonderful moments that come with getting to know your tiny new member of the family. I can't wait to create beautiful memories of this time with you in the comfort and surroundings of your own home.

I'm so looking forward to meeting you, or indeed if you had your maternity session captured by me, seeing you again! Every single session in unique as every baby and family are unique. This is especially true when having a photoshoot in your own home, the light and colours are different in different homes so your images will be truly original!

Getting ready for your newborn photoshoot at home

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Turn you heating up

Nothing makes for a more unhappy baby than being cold! For your session I will dress them in a nappy cover and wrap or little knitted outfit and wrap so they will be wearing less than they might be used to. When I'm shooting in the studio, the room is really warm which helps babies go off into a nice deep sleep. If baby is cold they are much more likely to feel unsettled so please try and pop your heating up before I arrive to make for a lovely cosy environment for their session.


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Your house doesn't need to be spotless

My sessions are often shot close up and my images are intimately framed. I don't often shoot whole rooms unless you have particular areas of the house you want to feature in the images. So you don't need to spend too much time cleaning when you should be cuddling that beautiful baby of yours. What is most helpful is making sure the bedside tables next to your bed are clear as I often shoot families snuggled on the bed together. In any other rooms that you might want shots taken in, just move any clutter on the main surfaces, but leave the dusting! Most of the session tends to take place next to the window with the best light so please clear space in front of the windows in your main bedroom and living-room.


Just before I arrive...

The main thing that will help the session get off to a smooth start is having a relaxed baby with a full tummy, so do most of the house preparation the night before and spend the hour or so before I arrive, feeding and cuddling your little one. Have a few essentials to hand like any special blankets you wish to photograph, spare nappies and muslins so you can save your outfit should baby decide to decant their breakfast onto you and we should be good to go!


I can't wait to visit you soon!

I hope you have found these simple tips helpful! You should also have your session guide which will give you lots more detail about your session and things to think about including outfits for the day and preparing siblings and your home for the shoot.

If you have any other questions about your session with me, just drop me an email!

Lastly, I hope you enjoy your session with me.

Let's make magical memories!

Rachel xx

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