3 top tips for preparing for birth


You're about to have a baby! What should you know before giving birth? Read on to discover some tips from a leading lady in the world of childbirth

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Fear release is a big part of her course. Most parents-to-be that she 'meets' online come to her with fear surrounding the birth, mostly underpinned by 'horror stories' they've heard before.

Lynne has 3 top tips for preparing for birth to ensure you have the best experience possible...

The birth of your baby is an experience that fills many with fear, tinged with a sprinkling of excitement! It doesn't have to be that way! I spoke to a lady who knows more than most about how best to prepare for what can be the most transformational event in a women's life.

Lynne, aka 'The Hypnobirthing Mama' is based in Fife but offers online hypnobirthing to families across the globe. She is also really active on Instagram and is a dab hand at entertaining but handy reels!

Preparing for birth


Lynne's first top tip is to educate yourself, in whatever form suits you best but ideally together if you're in a couple. Maybe with your partner reading to you and you listening, using audible together or attending formal classes. They key is to read up! Identify those fears and face them head on with education and facts...


Invest in you!

The second tip Lynne gives is to 'invest in yourself'! Quite often as mums we spend so much time investing in things specifically for baby that we forget about ourselves, welcome to parenthood! Lynne recommends investing in good nutrition saying this is 'natures head start!'. Investing in time to focus on your mindset ahead of birth. Also investing time for things like a pregnancy photoshoot where you can focus on and celebrate you and your amazing body.


Stay active

Lastly Lynn suggests staying active! Being fit leads to a 'better birth' as you have more stamina and are better able to physically handle the physical demands of birth. You are also less likely to suffer from ailments like pelvic girdle pain. Staying active throughout labour is also highly recommended!

Continue with a level of exercise you are used to. You don't need to reduce what you already do. 'Do what's normal for you'


You're about to start the most amazing adventure of your life!

There you go! 3 super practical and quick tips for preparing for birth. I hope these have been helpful for you! One extra little tip I would give is to start thinking about your birth and enacting on Lynne's tips fairly early on, don't leave it until 2 weeks before your due date like I did!

I was surprised by having 2 early babies! My first was 3 weeks early and my second was nearly 6 weeks early. In all honesty I was totally unprepared the first time and didn't have the most positive birth. Second time around I started reading and did hypnobirthing classes from much earlier on and had the most beautiful birth despite my little girl being even EARLIER!

Being informed and educated about my options really helped me reclaim the birthing process and healed the trauma I faced after my first birth. I felt prepared, empowered and ready! Hypnobirthing was key to that, so Lynne's top tips really resonate with me!

Thanks so much for joining me here, I wish you a beautiful and empowering birth!

Rachel xx

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