Maternity photoshoot outfit ideas


You’ve decided your going to celebrate you and your amazing body and this wonderful chapter in your life with a pregnancy photoshoot! You will never regret getting beautiful pictures of this time in your life.

Some days it feels like you’re going to be pregnant for years but in the blink of an eye your due date is around the corner and it’s almost time to meet your baby.

If you’re having a great pregnancy, what an amazing way to remember the feeling of your little one moving around and growing inside of you!

If however this hasn’t been such a wonderful time and pregnancy has felt like a bit of a slog, what a way to cheer yourself up by focusing on you, getting dressed up and taking this opportunity to focus on the positive aspects of this time. How amazing it is that you are growing and new life and will soon have your beautiful baby in your arms (and that pregnancy is almost over!).

Deciding what to wear for your photoshoot can be a bit tricky as it’s something people usually haven’t done before so let me inspire you with some of my maternity photoshoot outfit ideas from the collection of outfits I have in my photography studio client closet!

maternity photoshoot outfit ideas

The Lacey Robe

The Lacey Robe is such an elegant, timeless look. The beautiful detail of the lace with the sheer material could not be more ideal for showing off the beautiful shape of your baby bump. No wonder it’s a firm favourite amongst my pregnant mamas who come to me for their maternity photoshoot!

The Cardi

Looking for a casual and natural look for your maternity photos? Look no further than the slouchy cardi. In earthy tones and soft fabric, it frames your baby bump perfectly when dropped down off your shoulders! This look is so popular with my maternity clients.

The Muslim Wrap

If you’re looking for natural, intimate and soulful maternity images then you can’t go wrong with choosing the muslin wrap to drape around your baby bump. This slightly sheer soft and earthy tones fabric is so simple but helps create the most stunning images.

Introducing – The Olive Silk Robe

I am so excited to welcome this new piece to my maternity client wardrobe! This dark olive silk robe is elegant and earthy and photographs beautifully!

This gorgeous mama-to-be was the first to try it on during her recent maternity shoot and said as we finished ‘I don’t want to take it off’! It made her feel so good! I think it’s going to be popular!

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Now is the time to celebrate you…

I hope you’ve found some inspiration for what to wear for your upcoming maternity photoshoot! There are so many options out there, the most important thing is that you’re comfortable and feel like the goddess you are!

If you’re booked in with me, I can’t wait to meet you and your beautiful bump. If you’d love a session with me, get in touch below!

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